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This software will generate Free unlimited worldwide traffic to your website. Do you want 5 visitors an hour or 500 visitors an hour? Do you want that traffic on a non stop basis 24 hours per day, 7 days per week?
 Everyone in Internet marketing is searching for ways to get traffic to their websites and offers and we all know that some traffic is better than others. It is therefore up to you to determine what type of traffic is useful to you.
 This software will get you Free Unlimited Traffic and I am about to give you access to it. This software is ran from your desktop and is very light weight, meaning it doesn't slow down your computer.
 The traffic that hits your website bounces off the IP addresses of everyone that is running the software, sort of like Auto Surfing. A good thing about this tool is that you can set it to show that the traffic is coming from somewhere else such as a major search engine. This tool is very effective for getting traffic to your site and can generating direct sales, but mostly it is a great SEO booster.

Some Key Features of This Software Includes:

Free Traffic:- Yes, you never pay for the traffic you get. You just need to buy this software once and then            enjoy rest of your life.
1000 to 6000 Vistors Daily:- This is really a very huge amount of traffic. While other companies charge $1000        dollars for providing this much of traffic daily, you  get it free with this software.
100% Real Human Traffic:- No use of bots, or any other automated process. The visitors are actually,                  humans from all over the world from different I.P. addresses.
Ability to choose traffic source:- You can also choose the source. For example, United States of America,              Asian Countries, World Wide etc.
Ultra Fast Traffic:- Usually, it takes only 30 minutes to reach 2,000 pageviews. However, you also have the          ability to control the speed.
Increase your Alexa Rank:- You can also increase your traffic rank with this software. Remember, the higher          your rank is, the more you get paid for dispaying ads on your website.
Earn by joining Ad networks:- Yes, you can also earn from those ad networks. The visitors click on the ads            and you get paid for each click or impression generated.
Hummingbird Compatible
Penguin Friendly
Accepted by Many Ad Networks
High Rank On Search Engines
Increase Your Alexa And Google Rank

And Many More Features ..............

No doubt, these are the best software to generate traffic.

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Here is how it works:

Download the software (no installation needed) - add your website url - hit the start button and traffic will begin immediately! The traffic is worldwide and you can track the traffic if you want to.

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ONLY $5.99

NOTICE: NO refund at this low price!

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